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Thread: Densifying Concrete, and how to fix it?

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    Default Densifying Concrete, and how to fix it?

    Hi there, did my first Lithium densified slab, I have used this on countertops for a while but this slab required it, so I did.
    Yes I acid stained it, but made sure to nuetralize it before densifying. Works well for the most part.
    HOWEVER, the slab in small areas have a stubborn white residue (carbonization, I think from my research). Anyways I read its hard to get off and also tried myself to buff it off. NOPE, it was staying put. I also understand it has to be taken off Mecanically (according to Westcoat, though I used SureCretes Lithium).
    ANY experiences out there that know what can be done to remove this stubborn white crud?


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    Sometimes white residue is cause by moisture on the slab to early before densifyier is cured or you might have left it too heavy in that area? You might have to start over and repolish? You could always touch up stain by using a acetone based stain.
    Good Luck

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