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    Default supplies, tools

    Ive been doing concrete 30 years, Im very interested and intrigued with concrete countertops, I have some experience with it, Im determined to branch out and begin "tooling up", is there a single one stop shop, for supplies and tools? is cheap better? are heat blankets necessary? is it best to use 1/4 inch bar in most everything ? when is bar not necessary?

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    With reinforcement and heat blankets I believe it depends on the mix and type of concrete you plan on using. Concreteexchange.com has supplies, blueconcrete, and fishstone also have good products from what I hear

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    It's awesome to see new casters getting into countertop movement....the more the merrier! I hope you build beautiful works of art.
    It depends on the volume on how many kitchen you want to do at one time.
    We have a small precast shop 3,000 sq ft located in N.C. but we are outfitted better than any precast shop I've seen! I've bought a bunch of used tools on Craigslist.com and I would suggest you do the same. We have 3 big vibrating table from gruber systems....we'll worth the money!
    A good used tool is better than a cheap new one....I would never want anything cheap in my shop...we've tried that harbor freight and it's crap.
    Stay High End with all you do!

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