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  1. Matte finish
  2. Anyone have experince with staining counters?
  3. Preserving the Countertop's Surface Finish During Grinding
  4. New Cheng Sealer:
  5. Sealer And Waxing (please do reply everyone)
  6. New Cheng Sealer - Outdoor Application
  7. New Cheng Sealer -Demo Video Clip
  8. Hone down high shine after install?
  9. Rice Crispy treat Look
  10. swirl marks
  14. New wax difficult to use. Any tips out there.
  15. Lithium Sealers?
  16. New sealer
  17. building walls
  18. Sealer in observant ***ish kitchens
  19. New sealer peeling off
  20. problem in the humidity
  21. Hot Plate Burn
  22. Need advice about the use of burnishing pads
  23. acrylic water based sealer is garbage
  24. Just can't get rid of the swirls...
  25. Can you burnish over sealer?
  26. color changes when applying sealer
  27. corner damaged in shop
  28. pinholes reappearing with new Cheng slurry
  29. Ideas for Hiding stains
  30. Wet grinders Alpha vs. Hellcat?
  31. Discoloration Durring Sealing
  32. streaky and wirly wax marks. How do I strip it off.
  33. Polishing curved surface
  34. Does temperature influence sealer application?
  35. Sealer
  36. Putting Cheng's sealer over a penetrating sealer
  37. Natural Sealer
  38. burnishing
  39. Sealer
  40. stripping sealer
  41. streaky sealer
  42. Refinishing a shower wall
  43. Acrylic gloss to matte finish?
  44. DS-301 polisher
  45. Going crazy with sealing!
  46. Residual Streaks on Wall
  47. Came across a sealing technique.
  48. grinding station
  49. Kinloch EAP
  50. Glass and cup ring stains????????????
  51. Matte Finish?
  52. Cheng Sealer over 511 Impregnator
  53. Easy to follow CHENG Sealer application technique
  54. anyone know what causes.....?
  55. Far too many holes in counter top ... why?
  56. too much aggregate
  57. Efflorescence?
  58. water recycling system
  59. Grinding and sealing
  60. Epoxy Problems
  61. Will cheng pads work with any 5" grinder?
  62. Sealing question...
  63. Adding concrete to existing concrete foundation....
  64. Seams...filling/mixing/matching the color...how to?
  65. waterglass
  66. Hairline cracks
  67. Do any of you grind or polish the sides?
  68. bad contractor- need help with repairs
  69. are all pads created equal.
  70. homeowner Q with light etching & oil stains
  71. where do i store tops after slurry?
  72. slurry removal
  73. Another Sealer Queston
  74. Streaking
  75. Solid gloss look with out polishing
  76. Durability of integral sink
  77. Repelling Water????
  78. Diamond drum pads
  79. D-FRC Slurry Question...
  80. lemmon stains
  81. DIY with Polishing/Sealer Questions?
  82. to use slurry or not????
  83. What wax to use
  84. rubber mold off gas marking on my cast surface...
  85. Which Planetary Polisher?
  86. cheng sealer over
  87. cold temps and polishing
  88. Colorless Blotches?
  89. What sealer to use for a glossy finish?
  90. Cracked Countertop
  91. Polishing scratches
  92. sanding inlays and recessed items?
  93. clear coating
  94. Waxing over Sealer Dullness
  95. White concrete flaking while polishing
  96. Concrete Resurfacer to fix blemishes due to de-molding, etc.
  97. going to pour soon !!!!!!!! but what about grinding?
  98. using quick crete counter top mix
  99. Polishing cylindrical columns
  100. glue stain?
  101. How do I get glass aggregate to shine/sparkle?
  102. Dry polishing a pour-in-place countertop?
  103. Sealing outdoors
  104. question about acrylic sealer
  105. Evaporation Retarder - When To Use
  106. Cheng sealer
  107. pro formula mix and acrylic slurry issues HELP
  108. Long and tiny crack in aggregate options
  109. Acid Stain and Acrylic Sealer - before or after